Sacred Sensuality

The cold has set in here in the Midwest and my Latina body longs for heat. 


I am hungry for touch.

There is a deep, guttural song stuck in my throat. 

There is something so fragile it is almost untouchable in my being…

Something else so brutally powerful, much like a tornado. 

All of this housed in the same skin, nestled into the pores of my bones, coursing through my veins.

Life force, my own flavor of sacred sensuality,

textured my own, unlike any other you will ever encounter and

ever, ever, forever shapeshifting.

Unabashed I am, can be…

Could be…yes, wild and wilder still.

I could dance heat into a the room so that we’d throw the windows and doors open to the chilled air outside. 

Try on a spine that ungulates slowly, try on skin that skims the floor, try on eyes-closed, fingers exploring, try on the smell of honey and cinnamon…

I am alone here with all of the beings unseen who play with me during the fear, grief, joy, ecstasy.

Deep my abdomen there is a home, a child dancing…

On the surface of my heart there is a woman.

I am not done and perhaps never will be,

unapologetic, unabashed sacred sensuality. I invite you to play.

It is easy to live in the sensual bliss body in the heat of Midwestern summer, how can you invite it to be with you every day of the fall and winter?


* Dance photo credit: Jamie Halbritter, with instagram filter


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